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First Caidian Lotus Cultural Festival & Rural Food Festival now commence

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Photo by Hou Bo

The First Caidian Lotus Cultural Festival & Rural Food Festival opened on July 8th. The festival, co-organized by China National Food Industry Association, Wuhan Agricultural Committee, Wuhan Rural Tourism Office, Wuhan Tourism Bureau and People’s Government of Caidian District, aims to promote lotus culture and Caidian eco-tourism resources, combine local agriculture and tourism, and thus accelerate the economy.

Zhao Yingxin, president of China Photo Press, and Liu Fusheng, president of Global Photography, as well as government officials, attend the opening ceremony. 

The ceremony was a fancy affair with stars performing singing and dancing to entertain the visitors. Besides, an installation sprayed the colorful petals to rev up the audience.

Rural Food Festival was another highlight of this event. 50 rural restaurants participated in the cuisine competition with hundreds of local dishes served to the visitors. The competition was a full display of Caidian’s local food, cuisine and processing. Eventually, ten famous fishes, ten creative dishes and ten traditional snacks were awarded.

The festival continues through August 31st. A number of tourism activities will also be held, including Wuhan Flower Expo, Beach Beer Festival, Night Party, Parent-Child Camping and so forth.

The activities attract a great many tourists. Photo by Hou Bo

Visitors can enjoy the local food by the lotus ponds while appreciating the blooming flowers. The festival had attracted over 10,000 tourists for one day.

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